Back in 2010, after several motorcycle tours in Europe, I felt the need to visit a country that would give me the chance to experience life and travelling in a different way. So, I decided to map out a road trip in north Africa, riding from Athens to Palermo and from the Sicilian port to Tunis.

Matmata, Ksar Ghilane, Tozeur, Mides, Tamerza, El Kef, each name that I had never heard before, became a destination and offered me an unforgettable adventure to live and capture with my first Nikon. Obsessed with my cheap D60, I was shooting almost everything, without having a clue about the camera settings, ISO, shutter speed or composition. The only thing that mattered was the open road -this challenging way to explore the exciting and diverse continent of Africa.

Years later, looking at this first, clumsy attempt, I feel nostalgia and gratitude. These amateur pictures are filled with memories; the vastness of the Sahara, the biblical villages, the Berbers, all the genuine people I met, all the exotic flavors and aromas I tasted, the unbeatable feeling of riding across the desert, the absolute sense of vastness, freedom and solitude…

And although Tunisia has changed and my old camera has been replaced by a brand new one, I will always have those memories alive in my mind along with the land that inspired me to explore the world of travel photography.