The Kak Concept

What is the “Kak Concept”? Is it really a photographic concept or just an imaginary term I came up with? The answer is both. The Kak Concept follows the idea of conceptual photography, but at the same time avoids photographic standards, fixed rules and restrictions. Beyond shutter speed, white balances and filters, it is the story itself that really matters; the hidden reason behind.

The source of my imagination can be almost everything; a still life, a shadow, a single word, a tiny detail. Anything that triggers my brain, my mind, my eye and consequently my finger and my shutter.

So, the Kak Concept isn’t about nice photographs. It is about what, where and why; a continued effort to express my thoughts and vision, an attempt to connect images and feelings. Go beyond the surface of things. Capture the story I’ve seen in my head. Create pictures that every time I look at, remind me the stories I had imagined and give me a kick to visualize new ones. This is my personal definition of photography. This is my passion. This is the Kak Concept.