-Summer what? This is a photographic site, right? Where’s the landscape category Mister? Where is your Still life, Action or Fine Art category?

Pfff…. I just wanna have a beer on the beach. And then shoot it. The beach, not the beer. Hm ok, the beer too.

Excuse my laid-back mood, it is the side effect of the summer. To sit back, dig my toes into the sand and relax. I do it every summer. For 10 minutes or so. Then I get bored and take my camera out to capture what I see and feel; the sea breeze, the vibrant colors, the Greek light, the relaxed, carefree faces. Well, it’s a fact. People enjoy summer. I see it in their eyes, smiles or moves and I want to show this in my pictures too. It is the type of photographs I like to look at when I want to relax, the one I enjoy the most when in action.