My homeland is Greece, a small country with so much to see. Some people believe that the joy of a journey depends on the miles covered each day. I believe that distances are irrelevant; it is what you have seen and lived during that day that matters. Greece gives me exactly this opportunity: To experience new things, to see a miniature of the world travelling in my own country!

Every time I travel, I leave my roots behind and explore Greece as a foreigner. With my camera around my neck pretending a Japanese tourist, I’m wandering through villages and towns, getting lost on deserted alleyways and country roads, discovering unknown places, meeting new people, listening to fascinating stories.

Greece combines sky high mountains with historical mainland and idyllic islands. Imagine endless coastlines, turquoise waters, lunar landscapes, dramatic sea cliffs, forests, lakes, rivers and waterfalls; as long as you know where to look at…The rich variation of landscapes together with the cultural diversity, gives me a thousand reasons to pack my bags once again and visit stone built mountain villages, ancient cities, byzantine fortifications and medieval castle towns. The historical and cultural heritage of Greece may motivate my travelling, but the simple things made me pick up the camera. People, moments, stories that inspire me, tell me that there’s always something new and the journey in Greece will never be over…