Dark Side

What is the definition of darkness? A situation where black is the main theme, perception is achromatic and colors lose their power. In a few words darkness is the absence of light. On the other hand, photography is the exact opposite, the capture of light. Can you imagine the strong connection between those two?

Well, let’s philosophize! Life is like photography. Think of your life, sometimes it is careless, filled with happiness, color and light and some other times it is dark and dull, goes deep to the core of melancholy. In these dark days, colors fade, positivity losses its power and feelings get heavy. Only a few  positive things can keep you up; things you may have not discerned normally, but these tiny ones can drag you out of darkness. The whole idea is to give power to these small positive feelings. Now think of photography and all the small, indifferent, non-colored details that you would never notice in a sunny bright day. When it’s dark with just a slight beam of direct light, they automatically pop out and shout to the outer world “look at me, I’m here”. It is the contrast that makes them strong, the dark background that gives them power.

This “game” of darkness and light, this unique contrast is my inspiration when I got the blues. It is a way to express my inner self through dark, mysterious, non-colored pictures; pictures that every time I look at remind me of all those feelings along with the positive sparks that dragged me out of that dark place. All these sparks are so easy to forget and photography is a kind of “scar” to remember. Quoting someone else: “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”