About Me

Friends call me Kak. It’s my nickname and my signature. Not so imaginative? Well, I‘ve never been the artistic type anyway.

Ever since I can remember, action has always been my thing and theory a synonym of boredom. Between a book and a bicycle, I definitely preferred the second one and during the high school years I used to go out and explore, rather than sit and learn. I still remember that I gave up the only photography seminar I attended after a couple of hours cause I found the whole thing boring… My practical mind led me to study Electrical and Computer Engineering in the NTUA. But the endless hours of didactic lectures was still an issue. Fed up with theory, I sought for action once again. And I found it through travelling. Being on the road was -and still is- my favorite kind of action. Driven by a strong curiosity for other places and cultures, I went on long distance motorcycle trips. The need to keep the pictures and memories of my travels alive led me to buy my first  DSLR camera, a cheap Nikon D60. And suddenly after the first click the engineer inside me woke up again. I began experimenting out of curiosity. How could I get photos in low light? Which settings affected the amount of light hitting the camera’s image sensor? How could I get the desired photo by adjusting aperture and shutter speed?  This whole engineering procedure behind the final image; the brainstorming, the set up, the editing, intrigued me. I wanted to make it work. And that’s how I got into photography.

As for now, I work as a telecommunications engineer and I still break my everyday routine through travelling, having photography not only as a loyal comrade to my travel quests, but a lot more. After all, interacting with people and the world, I realized that it doesn’t matter whether you are a photographer, an engineer, an observer or a wanderer. If you can find expression through life, you can be whatever you want